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Attractions nearby Budget Inn The Dalles, Oregon Hotel

There’s plenty to see and do around our Budget Inn. Choose us when trying to find hotels near The Dalles Dam Visitor Center or wanting a hotel near Columbia Gorge Discovery Center – or perhaps a hotel near Fort Dalles Museum Oregon. Budget Inn The Dalles is situated less than 18 miles from the Hood River and near the area’s many other attractions as well, including the Historic Columbia River Highway and popular-with-the-locals Sorosis Park. Our convenient location means nothing is hard to locate when you stay in affordable comfort with us in The Dalles. Why not reserve a room with us now and see for yourself?

  • Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum
  • Fort Dalles Museum and Anderson Homestead
  • The Dalles
  • Sunshine Mill Winery
  • Old St. Peter's Landmark
  • Sorosis Park
  • Dalles Dam
  • The Dalles Murals
  • Fire Museum in City Hall
  • The Dalles Lock and Dam Visitor Center